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Does iron fist have an iron fist

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here's the thing: in the show he does

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I'm actually not familiar with him so is he not supposed to have one?

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not literally, he originated as a pastiche/parody of kung fu white saviors so his main thing is just being really good at martial arts but his superpower is concentrating his chi to do stuff like hadoukens and heal people and generally improve his fighting ability, often this energy is concentrated into his fist

the show does it more literally, he's able to concentrate energy in one of his fists but for most of the series all he does with it is make his hand hard enough to break weapons and punch through walls. literally a singular iron fist.

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the thread title makes it sound like i'm mad that got duped into watching it but i knew it was supposed to be bad going into it and voluntarily wasted 13 hours watching it passively while doing other things because i liked the other 3 netflix marvel series and assume that the defenders will also be good. anyway if anyone wants to know what happens or what's bad about it or whether there are any good ideas/actors/characters at all (there are, I guess) then I'm here to help

edit: the other reason i watched it is because i like the character. the matt fraction/david aja immortal iron fist is really good! read that! don't watch this show!

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anyway if you want to watch a good show on netflix allow me to suggest Better Call Saul or Riverdale or Jessica Jones

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instead of iron fist watch this it's pretty much the same