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I said I'd read something else before jumping straight into the second Liveship Traders book.

I then just jumped straight into the second Liveship Traders book.

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it occurs to me that the Magic(the gathering) Story may not be a book but has been a thing I've been reading. It's a weekly short story that progresses the plotline(and said plotline is also represented somewhat by whatever cards are in the most recent set).

The latest one that came out last Wednesday is the last one before a 2-week break. Someone different from the Creative Team writes it each week, with some doing it more often than others(and some doing it much better than others).

This week's story had a rare co-authorship: Alison Luhrs who is one of the very good writers that crops up sometimes; and Doug Beyer, who, while he is the leader of the Creative Team and I'm sure he's very good at that, is decidedly not one of the good writers.

I'd heard some iffy things, like swapping tenses in the middle of a paragraph, too-frequent perspective changes, bad editing, etc, but I started reading it and it seemed fine. Good even! Then I got to a sorta chapter break, and it became clear that that was when Luhrs gave the reins over to Beyer, because the style shifted and the quality took a noooosedive. I've, uh, left off there for now, cause I still have two weeks to finish it before the next one. Oof.

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I'm reading Krasznahorkai's Seiobo There Below. Loved Melancholy of Resistance and K's big page-long winding sentences, but I wondered why they would have to serve a whole novel and if maybe they would be easier in short story form, and it looks like Seiobo is kind of like a bunch of short stories so I'm looking forward to it.

edit: also glad to know Egan is good, I've ahd my eyes on that, love the powerpoint idea

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I'm currently alternating between genres, as usual. This week it's Sister Light, Sister Dark, Castle in the Air and The Grand Sophy.

I'm struggling with Sister Light, Sister Dark. I mean, it's not boring, but I need to be in the proper mood to read it? But at the same time I'm trying to read at least a chapter a day because I think I'll forget world-building things if I leave it off for so long. I do love that it shows the mythology part and then the these are the actual things that happened part. dunnooooo

I'm a cold weather person and I complain when the temperature goes over 20. This is sad especially when I've been living in tropical countries all my life and temperatures range from like 30-40. But reading while snuggled in a knit blanket is my jam. Else, I run to a mall and force myself at a coffee shop because air conditioning. I wish I could read outside though, but too much sun + high humidity makes me whinier than usual.