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my hometown has a rich literary history about which i'm not nearly knowledgeable enough, but this past winter i read a nice book of short stories called Bad Things Happen (Kris Bertin). i ended up picking it up because i'd read an article in the local alt-weekly mentioning how the writer did a lot of the writing for it at the bar across the street from my house and there was a signed copy at the bookstore by my office. i think i've actually mentioned it in this series before, maybe talking about short stories? anyway it felt very familiar and specific in a way that i can't really describe so that was cool.

also since i bring up comics so much i can't not mention kate leth, who is based in LA now but came up in halifax. i'm not really the target demo for her work and as such don't really read it (but i'll probably eventually pick up the hellcat trades at least and once i have a little extra money to start putting toward patreons she's high on my list) but i think it's really cool how she unabashedly and enthusiastically writes for teens, specifically teen girls, specifically queer teen girls who don't have enough representation in the comics industry and has really established a place for herself doing that. She's written for properties like edward scissorhands, fraggle rock, bravest warriors, vampirella, adventure time and the aforementioned hellcat as well as the original properties Power Up (kind of a subversion of the magical girl genre?) and Spell on Wheels (currently ongoing with Dark Horse, as far as i can tell it's a group of witches on a road trip across america)

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I started onto the final Liveship Trader book Ship of Destiny. Curse you toasthaste for imprisoning my soul to these books!

I also read the Avatar comic Smoke and Shadow which was decent enough but these comics have never really matched how good the first (The Promise) was which is disappointing. Also the considerable lack of Toph WTF.