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I'm gonna copy/paste my comment from the other thread to save everyone from having to click the "other discussions" tab!

What is a "calm jar"?

So calm jars/bottles, for the uninitiated, are containers filled with viscous liquid and an assortment of objects. They’re a really useful tool for helping oneself calm down and focus in stressful environments and situations! Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can grab your calm jar and give it a good shake, then watch as the contents drift about and gently float to the bottom.

It’s surprisingly soothing — I got to test mine out this week when I felt a panic attack creep up on me, and taking a minute to just watch the glitter and confetti swirl around my jars and take deep breaths really slowed down the “brain spiralling” that typically accompanies my panic attacks! I’ve also heard really good things about these jars from folks with Asperger’s and autism, and they’re also a fun way to help young children who are learning to find healthy outlets for anger and frustration!

Making the jars:

To make your own calm jar/bottle, all you need is:

  • A clear jam jar or water bottle (you’ll want something with a good seal on it, to prevent leaks!)
  • Clear school glue (the glue must be clear, not white glue that dries clear!)
  • Water
  • Liquid food colouring
  • Assorted small objects (I used microglitters [which worked very well as their light weight made them stay suspended for a really long time], confetti, and rhinestones, but you can add just about anything -- beads, small toys, you name it! See below for more details)
  • Fabric and paint, to decorate the jars (totally optional, but worth it!)

To assemble the jars, all I did was mix together the water and glue in each jar (I used about 300 mL of glue in each jar, but I wanted a very thick mixture — you can sort of tweak it to match your own preference!), then added the food colouring. Once everything was evenly mixed, I added the glitter, confetti, and rhinestones, and gave everything a good stir. And that was it! You can decorate your jar/bottle to your own liking, or leave it plain if you prefer. (I covered up the lids on mine because I didn’t like the plaid design on the top.)

There are so many cool things you can put in a calm jar, depending on the theme or aesthetic that you're going for! I bought all of my supplies at my local dollar store, but if you’re looking for unique stuff to add to your own jar, you have lots of options! I recommend checking out any places in your area that sell scrapbooking supplies, beads, or party supplies — they tend to have a wide variety of unique themed items that make for great additions! Small toys also make a great calm jar option — I’ve seen lots of tutorials that include Lego minifigures and bricks in the jars!

A couple of things to keep in mind, depending on what you’re planning on putting in your jar:

  • The heavier your items, the quicker they’ll fall to the bottom — you can compensate for this to an extent by upping the ratio of glue to water in your mixture, but I don’t recommend going above a 50/50, as you want your mixture to still be shake-able!

  • Avoid adding items to your jar that contain metal (this is really common with scrapbooking items!) as they’ll eventually rust and distort the colour of the liquid in your jar!

Lighting the jars

The lighting was the part I was most concerned about, but it wound up being much simpler than I thought! When I went to my local dollar store, I discovered that they had stands with lights built in them that were meant to display/light up glass figures. However, the lights were very dim and poorly made (‘cause, y’know, it is the dollar store), so I took the stand apart and hollowed it out. The hollow base was the perfect size to slip one of these LED lights (side note: do not buy these from Amazon if you’re Canadian — I bought mine at the hardware store for a third of their list price!) into, and that was it!

Overall, I’m really happy with how these turned out — they were super easy to assemble, very relaxing to use, and look wonderful lit up! I highly recommend them!

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the blue and purple ones look like space in a jar.