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Bernie has been in the senate longer than Hillary and has probably more experience working on both sides of the aisle than Hillary. Also, we can say experimentally that a moderate "work with the republicans" approach is a failure because look at how little legislation got passed and look at how tenuous the funding for the government is still. (we're on a constant game of brinksmanship with the republicans because all they ever wanted to do was shut down the government and each year they can just reject any budget and the government shuts down for weeks at a time costing billions of dollars.

all because they like the idea of being the hardcore win at all costs destroy the government anti-federalist. and they shit all over everything that everyone depends on and then call that governance and say all we need is more of it.

ugh fucking republicans.

anyways, Bernie has the donor base nobody thought he'd get, people are really putting their money where their mouth is and I think this could really turn for hillary.

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I meant the skill in coalition building and connection for that rather than becoming more Republican-like in proposals and policies to appease the more moderate among them; this sort of a vague delineation, but otherwise we seem to be in agreement, broadly.