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[–]hoppet 5 points6 points ago

There's a lot of overlap, but slice of life can be pretty dramatic or romantic where as what we normally call sitcoms tend to be a fairly formulaic comedic format.

Like as I see it anything that involves something approximating normal life, e.g. no superpowers or whatever, and that focuses on the characters' daily life, could be considered slice of life.

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anime nerds I have a question: Is there any appreciable difference between a "slice of life show" and a King of the Hill?

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you know that's kinda funny i'd say king of the hill totally counts as slice of life lol

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maybe i am wrong but i think slice of life often have an ongoing plot? sitcoms are more episodic

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Plenty of episodic slice of life anime. Non Non Biyori is one such example (and also very good!!!!). But there's also plenty of slice of life serials too (Chihayafuru being one such example, also also very good!!!!)