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fresh air and good times

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note: this is a lie

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I don't watch seasonal anime and I have no idea what the new shows are but I've been (slowly) catching up on this year's precure and it's been pretty good so far I guess?

sorry, I know this doesn't really answer your question.

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sometimes the best answers are the ones to questions we didn't think to ask

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It would kinda cool if there was some "follow this anime if you're like this" quiz somewhere. Like "yeah this got fan service and more obnoxious variety so this won't be for you so I won't even mention it".

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Yea Ballroom fucking owns.

I'm a little bit obsessed with Mahoujin Guruguru, which is a very cute Dragon Quest parody that's incredibly funny just in and of itself. The good shit.

Princess Principal is a cute girls school spys with like steampunk magic and shit. It rules just as a bunch of mostly stand alone action episodes, but they're building some weird conspiracies if you take a close look at everything and that rules. Note the case number in the episode titles, they're releasing them out of order to fuck with us lol.

Tsundere Children is a half-length series of a bunch of romance stores that skips everything but the good parts lol. All the boys are terrible but I like the series as a whole.

An good anime season

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Thanks for the recommendations!

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I don't watch anything if people tell me to watch it