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We can make sure that shitposting doesn't become acceptable, or, god forbid, a part of the website's culture.


In the same vein as this, pretty much all of the users never capitalized their sentences, or used proper punctuation. This got pretty annoying after a while.

LMFAO honey

The vast majority of the users were liberals, and the "communists" were really social democrats. This drove away the leftists.

I'm going to go ahead and say that like, the primary interest of the ShitRedditSays community in like 2012 when was started was not to Be Communists. I don't know what this person was expecting. There wasn't much political interest beyond being against "bigotry", often on an individual basis (individual reddit users), rather than examining the political structures that bolstered and supported the forces we had an issue with. Which makes sense, because the people we were placing ourselves in opposition to more often than not didn't connect their individual comments with broader right wing political activity.

How precious, though.

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seriously, basically all the points they make are reasons I like the fempire. Sometimes it's nice to have a place to go where you can relax and be yourself and not have to be on point all the time?

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I do too but at the same time if the community never grows what does that say about the future of it? We'll only ever continue to shrink. That part and the clique part i have been thinking about a lot. It is happening to the other site as well and i am not sure what to do.

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I dunno, even if the fempire is no more some day I still want to hang out with everyone here so would want to figure out a way to stay in touch somehow. Communities can grow and shrink and diverge and merge fairly organically and I feel like it's the relationships that matter the most, not the wheres.

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yea exactly, if the fempire moved to some other site or dramatically changed in how the site functioned I'd still be there so I could hang with all you rad peeps

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I could see maybe encouraging people to invite their friends, or something, if you're worried? But one of the things I like about the fempire is that no one I know irl is on here so I can talk about some stuff I'd otherwise feel uncomfortable about mentioning

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we'll never get doob wafuke into the hands of consumers any other way!

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thank you for reminding me about doob wafuke, it continues to be the greatest meme of all time

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doob wafuke

Holy shit I was thinking of this today!

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I think about doob wafuke every day.

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I meditate on its mysteries.

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i'm right with you; the unknowable is what i want to know the most

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I can't believe that raddit dot me is subtweeting me

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goddamn those kids having fun with their shitposting and close-knight friendliness

how dare they

they don't even use capitalization or punctuation

this is an outrage

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I'm writing a thinkpiece right now!

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i think the problem is that the person who wrote that doesn't understand the goals of this site

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omfg this is incredible

you've written a big ole thinkpiece about a teeny tiny online community that doesn't advertise. "These online friends aren't nearly as popular as they could be! what a waste!"

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I didn't write it, just thought you guys would be interested since they're talking about your community. I've never been here before so I have no idea if their critique is accurate

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Oh! Apologies then! I didn't mean to shoot the messenger.

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Np, sorry for not providing context.

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I enjoyed emma underscores posts on reddit and somehow found a link to here through them.

I immediately liked it here. Yes, I mostly lurk, and yes, it is frustrating that https doesn't work properly, but this place is great -- good vibes and kind people. I lurk around raddit too, but I prefer spending my time here.

I find that post on raddit super off putting. Bleh...

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thanks for the little heads up on how you found us. it's nice to know how people got here; mostly because for the first year or two there were actually a lot of trolls that came over from reddit because we'd get mentioned on some right wing thread and that was always super annoying. so like i'm always worried that a new person is here because the right wing trolls remembered we exist.

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hi meow! i'm glad u enjoy it here :3

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"Sir, I've just discovered a small community that likely shares many of our values and beliefs. Shall I engage in a charitable and friendly manner?"

"Are you nuts? You need to write an unnecessarily hostile and condescending think-piece! How can we claim to speak for The PeopleTM if we don't deliberately alienate others over perceived and/or minor ideological differences?"

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Apparently the people there enjoy low-effort shitposting

thanks for the tagline lol

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lol people from sls and lsc calling others social democrats 🙄

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whats sls and lsc???

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shitliberalssay and latestagecapitalism

they like defending stalin and assad and such and also there's the one time somebody got mad on sls because they got banned from me_irl for telling someone to go die and devtesla called them a weird nerd

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They also ban anyone that has anything negative to say about Stalin or Mao.

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r/shitliberalssay and r/latestagecapitalism.

The raddit community is mostly from r/anarchism tho, and that's where most of the promotion happens.

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Uh the admins aren't from those subs. One's an anarchist and one's a communist.

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they aren't from there they just openly advertise there, k

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They don't advertise there, mods from those subs don't have to ask their permission to link to raddit.

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sorry bout the misunderstanding there

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yeah i guess i never really thought of this as a place that was supposed to be like the leftist reddit or anything, i just started posting here because it replaced the fempire bbs or whatever and i like the people here

but i guess some people might consider that a mistake

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i mean, you seem like you'd be called a pinko in the 50s and that's the kind of low bar we set here.

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pinko, treehugger, pc thug, feminazi, sjw

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who the fuck are you?

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Karl Marx's ghost.

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Were you expecting my name, address and SSN? Shit you guys are hostile to newcomers. That part of their critique is spot on.

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I wouldn't describe myself as hostile (im not mad im actually laughing irl, etc) but like, I just feel like the person who wrote the post is taking this website far too seriously? I don't think thefempire was meant to be anything more than what it is right now. Also, complaining about how a group of people are insular and don't post enough High Quality Content because it's all too personal is more likely to make that group of people raise their hackles, if that makes sense?

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I think the problem is you posted this thing without any commentary at all? It kind of came across as the post and it's opinions were from you and the post itself is fairly condescending and self-important

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no i just thought that was an uh, odd response there. if you replied something like "i was just somebody on that website and i thought you guys might want to see this" id be like ok cool. still think the article is silly but im not gonna just effortlessly eyeroll emoji at you

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I mean someone new posts and is met with "who the fuck are you?" Of course the new user is going to be defensive and respond with snark.

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not here tbh

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here you would be expected to provide context of how you found this place because of the obviously small group

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I was expecting the old username that you used here while collecting your undercover expose

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If you want to learn more about raddit, check out the wiki:

Looks like both our communities were formed for similar reasons.

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so are you the person who wrote this?

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So you guys just delete anything critical of your site?

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This hasn't been deleted....

but holy shit does this make it seem like a great idea

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My bad. You guys are being very hostile tho and I feel uncomfortable.

Edit: your algorithm seems to completely hide submissions with just a couple of downvotes. This thread isn't anywhere on the front page of this sub when even things from months ago are.

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I feel bad about this now! It was unclear that the OP on the other site wasn't you, and I think a bit of irritation toward what appeared to be some rando coming out of the woodwork to say how our tiny community sucks was warranted, but you were just trying to say "hey here's a thing someone said about y'all" and I appreciate that.

We're definitely cliquey, not gonna deny that, but I like to think we're friendly enough toward people who are obviously engaging in good faith.

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everyone here pretty much sorts by new cause it's a very slow site. your post shows up when sorted that way

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Ah, thanks.

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yeah you may notice a lot of things are a little broken on here. The front page being the most glaring example possible really

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Edit: your algorithm seems to completely hide submissions with just a couple of downvotes. This thread isn't anywhere on the front page of this sub when even things from months ago are.

The only edits to source code we've done are removing texts referring to Reddit and we haven't been gung ho about that. Secondly, who downvotes here? Not part of the user culture.

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i upvote every signle post i can except for ones i don't really like, and even then i just don't upvote them.

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i used to do that but the server has been p slow recently

i ironically downvoted studentradical's post but then felt bad

just a vignette in the life of a thef empir e dot org dot come usser

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you should feel uncomfortable. you made all of us uncomfortable.