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gdi whatever u do for your health it is wrong -mm

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I'm pretty sure these kinds of products are used for giving a "jolt", similar to energy drinks which often contain the vitamins B2, B6 and B12 iirc (it's been a while). Also if you don't smoke the absolute risk is still small if you take these, but the lesson is more that you shouldn't take supplements randomly, willy nilly.

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well fuck, I take sublingual b12 supplements because I most likely don't get enough from my mostly-vegan diet. so now what the hell am i s'posed to do? Like I guess it's convenient that the study didn't show it as a risk for afab folks(for some reason??) but like. gh.

it'd be cool if they'd just make the supplements have your actual recommended daily value in em rather than like 1,000% your daily value. that'd probs help.

I guess it's probably good in a way that I forget to take it more than like once or twice a week

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B complex supplements tend to have much more reasonable doses. Mine has 2mg b6 (100% daily recommended dose) and 15mcg b12 (250%). Moreover, since you more likely have a deficit you're probably at lower risk than you seem to be expressing worry for.

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yeah I'm probs gonna just keep taking it whenever I remember, and then when I run out of my stockpile I'll try to see if there's another kind that doesn't go quite as hard over the daily recommended amount

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Also yeah the whole afab thing is weird and makes me question the validity of the study in the first place