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I mean, the MCU literally began with iron man being the mastermind behind a weapons manufacturing corporation getting sent to the middle east to beat up al quida, so who knooooows.

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Yeah I'm guessing the relationship between the two companies is consultancy/military assets on the movies, but it does seem kind of weird that there was supposed to be a whole press event or whatever

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in a vague way i feel bad because i know how many comic book geeks work at northrop, but ya know what, when you make bombs shit doesn't always go your way.

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Could anyone help me out and provide some context for this?

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marvel made a comic that was basically just a recruitment ad for northrop grumman and got a lot of people mad. im not sure were the feminist part comes in unless there were people blaming feminist for censoring free speech or some shit like that

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can you get marvel vs capcom infinite canceled next


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didn't you hear sf v arcade edition will fix everything* so buy mvci now then just wait a year for it to be finished you could always be some dlc if thats to long to wait

*may not have fixed anything