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This was a cool vid!

I totally agreed with BahdKo's quoted philosophy about propogating knowledge - imo a healthy competitive gaming community will discuss and share tactics freely. It improves the quality of everyone's play and imo it's more fun to lose against someone who you know is capable than win because you had tech they had never even conceived of.

Also the way the BFG works is so esoteric, but it seems like it makes for a pretty interesting gun to actually use. I imagine it's designed like it is due to some sort of limitation in the engine, but I think the idea is pretty neat if it was communicated better.

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oo this was neat

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This is such a cool vid!

I love this kind of stuff, internet archaeology. The old internet seems like such a cool place.

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Most things involving Drumpf outside of the White House are comparatively extremely cool.

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Do they really move that fast in game or was it played faster? That's dizzying to me 😵

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Doom is fast. Doom in particular also has two methods of straferunning, one even faster than the usual.