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This starts out looking like a simple hard mode hack with bigger numbers, but then it starts adding some really cool new stuff.

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idk big numbers are the worst way to make rgps hard but the other stuff looks cool maybe ill try it

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The main change numbers-wise is that you take double damage. That's applied after the action command and other defense modifiers though, so it's just that much more important to get good at blocking. Damage Dodge and Dodge Master are must-have badges.

But besides that you've also got tougher enemy formations, bosses have minions accompanying them, and there's even brand new enemies and bosses. They also give you some new items and badges to help deal with it all, and some moves/abilities like Refresh are buffed.

Also there's an extra-hard mode where you can't level up, but get unlimited BP to equip up to 64 badges. Puts a very unique spin on things.