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ill take ball is life

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I always forgot that sports games are actually really huge

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even in gam form ball is life

[–]Dogmantra 1 point2 points ago

:O I've been interested in trying armello!

[–]dudeseriouslyno 1 point2 points ago

Holy shiihs. Wonder if I'm allowed multiple copies of games I already own. BFE and Gmod would be great to have on hand to gift someone.

Better yet, install them and play me. Please.

[–]neku[S] 1 point2 points ago

Since you already own BFE I'll give my copy to u/smart4301 but I'll PM you the key for Garry's Mod

[–]smart4301 1 point2 points ago

That's incredibly generous of you! If you're sure about giving stuff away I've always wanted to play a Serious Sam game!

[–]mustbecurious 1 point2 points ago

I'm kinda looking for games to play with my sister and buying one less copy would be neat?

I'm interested in Hoard, Armello, Windward or Broken Age, but which do you think is like better and less stressful (lol)?

[–]mustbecurious 1 point2 points ago

I also have like games I don't think I'll be playing/have extra copies of. So if anyone wants, just respond here I guess?

A Virus Named Tom

AI War: Fleet Command


Beat Hazard Ultra

Dusty Revenge: Co-op Edition


Girls Like Robots

Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition

Guns of Icarus Online

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat the Wore a Fedora Deluxe

JumpJet Rex

Luna's Wandering Stars

Mushroom 11

Ninja Pizza Girl

No Time to Explain

Nuclear Throne

Potatoman Seeks the Troof

QUBE Director's Cut

Retro Game Crunch

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Rocket Birds: Hardboiled Chicken




Super Galaxy Squadron EX

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

System Shock Pack

Team Indie

Thirty Flights of Loving

Tower of Guns


Waking Mars

English Country Tune

Oil Rush

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btw anyone looking at this thread, Nuclear Throne is an absolutely fantastic game and you should play it. I love it so so so much

[–]toasthaste 1 point2 points ago

i put like 90 hours into it in thr course of two weeks it's so good

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Armello is gone already, but I'm happy to give you Hoard, Windward and Broken Age if you want them!! I'm not sure about how stressful the first two games are, but I've played through Broken Age and it can be a little frustrating in the second half because of the obscure adventure game puzzles. I still think that it's a good game, though!

[–]mustbecurious 1 point2 points ago

I don't want to hog all three :x so I'll go with Windward since it's co-op and it's right up our alley. (If no one takes Hoard and Broken Age, I'd been keen to, though :>)

[–]toasthaste 1 point2 points ago

lol I have extra copies of most of these already, I also need to list em off to give to people

I'd love to take Kero Blaster if it's still available!

Overcooked looks so fun but I don't think I'd have any way to play it locally with friends, so if no one else takes it for a while I guess I'd like to take it? And then try to figure out how to get it going on a big ole screen