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Some background:

Brigham Young University has a strict "honor code" that bars students from certain behaviors that the LDS church has deemed uncool. In order to keep tabs on students' extracurricular activities, anyone attending BYU has to live in housing that's contracted and approved through the university and writes the honor code into the rental agreement. (As an aside, my apartment technically has the honor code written into the lease despite the fact that we aren't BYU contracted; the landlord owns multiple properties -some approved, some not- and uses the same paperwork for all of them.)

Now, technically, you can't be expelled from BYU or evicted by their housing contractors for merely experiencing "same sex attraction" (LDS church euphemism for teh gayz), however, acting on that "same sex attraction" will result in expulsion and eviction. Technically.

In reality, any student who is out (or outed or suspected of being gay for all that matters) will be reported to the honor code office for "acting" on their attraction. Because when you're not straight, ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN CAN COUNT AS "ACTING" ON YOUR ATTRACTION. One of my good friends was just reported to the honor code office and will likely be put on academic probation because he was outed. He doesn't even know what the fuck he did to raise suspicion, but that doesn't really matter. Coincidentally, he lives in this same apartment complex from the article.

This kind of shit is all too fucking common at BYU. I've been to parties at this very same apartment complex where alcohol has been present, straight couples have fucked, all kinds of debauchery is taking place - but you don't see BYU's housing contractors cracking down on straight kids sinning, only GSM folks. I wonder fucking why?