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How to chat on #just_post:

Download an IRC client like Hexchat (Windows/Linux), Textual (OS X), Colloquy (iOS/OS X), or AndChat (Android).

Open the IRC client, and connect to the synirc network by typing /server Once you're connected, give yourself a nickname by typing /nick [username].

Join a channel by typing /j #channelname. So /j #just_post.

Then chat!

You can send messages to individual people by typing /msg username message. It will open a tab, like a browser tab, for a conversation just between you and them.

To save your nickname so that no one else can use it, type /msg nickserv register [password] [email], where password is the password you'd like and email is a valid email address.

By default, everyone on the IRC network can see your hostname and thus your IP. If you'd prefer to be more anonymous, after registering your nick, request a vhost with /msg hostserv request [whatever you'd like]. After a while you'll get a message letting you know that your vhost has been approved, and you can turn it on and off with /msg hostserv vhost on. People will see the fake hostname you created instead of your real one.

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