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hair so good still hot dang!

something to keep in mind for facial expressions is that, while the lips can shift and warp all round into different shapes, the teeth of the top jaw always stay centered-- yours are a lil off center here. is still good facial expression though, reads very well~

[–]oolong[S] 2 points3 points ago

thank you! i probably spend too much time on hair alone but these are my priorities what can i do

thanks for the tip too! admittedly i don't do diverse facial expressions much so i'll work on practising them more!!

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ooh thank for this tip :o

[–]toasthaste 2 points3 points ago

np! it's one of those ones that seems really obvious in retrospect but idk if it ever would have occurred to me on my own. I'm still so timid with playing with the lower jaw though, I know it can shift to be off-center with the rest of the skull but I don't really have a feel for the parameters yet

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i love the expression~

i also like it when people post sketchy layers cause it shows me how they made it :o

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i usually need a layer just for the hair lol

also it was not the 24th when i posted this i got the date wrong