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v solid post, 10/10

esp the bit about storing the pizza b4 it cools, i feel like the sooner most cooked breads are stored the better. every second of open air cooling means lost steam and more stale dryness when u reheat.

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dont reheat pizza, just eat it cold like god and nature intended

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i absolutely love cold pizza.... just not from the freezer lol

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How to do the math:

  1. Take the pizza size (in inches) and divide it by the cost to get it's Relative Value Index.

  2. The higher the better

  3. It is usually the case that the larger radius/diameter pizza has a better Relative Value Index)

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Why this works:

More pizza area = more value

Area = pi(radius)2, or pi(diameter/2)2

Value is measured in area units per dollar (e.g. sq in per dollar)

When comparing the values, they're both multiplied by a constant of pi/4 (assuming they use diameter), so we can ignore this and just focus on the diameter squared (then divided by the cost to get sq in per dollar.)

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Try it! Which of these pizzas are the best?

4 inch pizza for $10

10 inch pizza for $20

69 inch pizza for $1337

420 inch pizza for $666420

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Keep the leftover pizza in its box out of the fridge and just eat it before it gets slimy

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another reheating method is on a covered pan/skillet on low heat. i've never tried this with frozen pizza but definitely works like cold if you want your cheese a little meltier