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Also only reheat rice that you eat, Bacillus Cereus and the refried rice syndrome is no joke. Reheating-cooling cycles are risky.

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alternatively, sprinkle some water on it before you microwave. i've found that this keeps it nice and moist even without a lid

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I haven't had much luck with that technique but maybe I'll give it another shot some time

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try going on a lower power setting for a little longer and give it a little stir midway through.

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Aaaaah very good

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chilled rice makes better fried rice

You gotta sprinkle water and mix with hands until grains separate. Fry garlic, add stuff, add rice. The dampness will make the rice moist

Or place rice in a bowl and steam over a pan while you're in the shower. I use a metal pot stand to elevate the bowl from the pan cause I'm too cheap to have my rice cooker repaired