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[–]anand 7 points8 points ago

when i was younger i was convinced that cold pizza was the ultimate food, even better than warm pizza

some days i still think that

[–]mmultiplier 6 points7 points ago

same to both

[–]Alessia 5 points6 points ago

as long as it's boneless

[–]dj_zetkin 4 points5 points ago

i want a cold pizza

[–]razzle 2 points3 points ago

cold pizza is better than hot pizza in almost every imaginable way imo

[–]trimalchio 1 point2 points ago

i no longer like cold pizza. i reheat pizza in a vain attempt to recreate the magic of its first moments of life.

[–]hoppet🍕🍣🍛🌯🧀🍔🍜🍵🍪[S] 1 point2 points ago

You fool