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triangle sandwiches actually taste better

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Based on this finding I tried cutting a sandwich laterally but it just reverted to a more primitive state.

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y'all triangle-only people need to broaden your sandwich horizons

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cut your sandwich horizontally and vertically. that's four sandwiches

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why would you do that when you could cut it along both diagonals

now you have four triangle sandwiches!

[–]hoppet🍕🍣🍛🌯🧀🍔🍜🍵🍪[S] 4 points5 points ago

how long do you think you can get away with playing god for?

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u can just cut the triangle sandwiches into as many triangle sandwiches as u want

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Triangle sandwiches are the bomb, something about chomping onto an acute angle is just Good

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it's also easier to hold