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Hey there, five year old child! Wanna hear about GMOs? No?

Too fucking bad kid. You only exist in a hypothetical and once I stop talking, you cease to exist, so you better hope I have a lot of words.

Wanna know what the apples in your fridge, your dog, you, me, and all life on Earth have in common? We all are made up of really tiny things called cells!

We start out as these really tiny cells, right, in the Stork's Baby Laboratory. They're smaller than a grain of sand! Inside these cells are a 'genetic code', which contain the information build you up from a really tiny bunch of cells to the big bunch of cells you are today! Imagine how many tiny, tiny cells - smaller than a grain of sand! - it must take to build you. At least a hundred.

For us humans, this genetic code determines the color of our eyes, the shape of our hair, and all sorts of things! If people with orange hair and purple eyes had kids, chances are, their kids would have orange hair and purple eyes.

For dogs, if two dogs with brown fur and yellow eyes had puppies, those puppies would have brown fur and yellow eyes! We discovered this somewhere around 20,000 years ago, when we were just hunters and gatherers. There were only wolves, and a few of them were friends with us. Over the next twenty thousand years, we breeded those friendly wolves with other friendly wolves, making even friendlier and cuter wolves! We selected those genetic traits we liked, eventually producing the cute puppies that exist today.

We've also done this with crops and food over many years, to get the tastiest and easiest-to-grow fruits we have today! It took a long time to control these foods, and we're still doing it! Who knows where we will be in another 20,000 years?

Recently, we found out how to do thousands of years worth of selecting these foods very quickly. We can go into the gene code of the foods itself and change things about it - these might make it more resilient to bugs that try to eat your food (which is why you don't see worms in apples much!), these might make them bigger or tastier; heck, we could even make a tomato filled with tobacco if we really wanted to! (Tobacco is bad for you, kid! Don't do it during your limited life here in ELI5 GMO purgatory.)

Messing around with the genes of fruit make it a GMO. Technically, all puppies are GMOs but nobody is really scared about the super-long-time-taking GMOs; only the ones done with science.

If your food doesn't get eaten by pests because of GMOs, there's less harmful pesticides on it. But what happens if scientists fuck up? Sorry for the harsh words five year old child, but we're going into the stuff that scare people about GMOs.

What if the GMO crop for food that bugs eat can't be eaten by bugs? Those bugs die. The things that eat those bugs die. This fucks up the balance in the ecosystem. When things happen slowly over thousands of years, nature can fight back against this imbalance, but if it happens in just a few months, who knows the devastation it could cause?

People who are against GMOs for this reason want GMOs to be labelled so consumers know to avoid supporting GMOs. Some people are against GMOs because they contain chemicals, but GMOs are like way healthier and have less harmful chemicals and also everything is chemicals and they don't know anything lol.

Anyways young child, it's time for you to stop existing. But I have good news: You're a five year old hypothetical version of a very real person named Razzledazzle. Your new knowledge will be integrated with this adult mind, and though you will cease to exist, you won't be forgotten.

Goodbye, hypothetical five year old child. Godspeed.

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wow this is actually a really good explanation - 10/10 tobaccomatoes

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your explanation is woefully lacking about how capitalistically evil big GMO companies can be

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    omg you're a paid monsanto shill