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me internally whenever anybody comments on their work lives or stress at work or interacting with their bosses: YOU SHOULD JOIN A UNION YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR CHAINS WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE

me externally: that sucks man :/

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me internally: me too tanks

me externally: everyone should forego the chains of our modern inability to confront head on the real and existential threats to our autonomy, freedom, and the play and enjoyment that our work lives only exist to support. We need to talk about how we feel trapped and how the only way out is exiting the entire system of capitalist exploitation.

[–]trimalchioWhen in Rome, Doot as the Romans Doot.[S] 1 point2 points ago

this time my critique was based in the like situationist vein of viewing managerial power as the extension of capital interests via capital and contributing to the state run entirely by the vast spectacle of modernity.

i mean legit i haven't read that part of SotS very carefully or maybe at all also it seems like something that could be stated way faster than a series of tweet storms. but idk. maybe it's because i keep only reading it 140 characters at a time