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enough people who i trust and like have commented on this enough to make me think its real but otoh not having any hard proof for this makes me wonder if this is just a persistent rumour. either way this is a super gross situation

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It's all way too vague and whispery at the moment for me to really know what to think, but then again it's not necessarily important that any of us know what to think, we're not the ones with the power to do anything useful.

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i mean, multiple people have said he's a creepy and both his boss and his friend/coworker have accepted it as true so that's more than enough for me

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no yea that post was from 4 hours ago, before chris grant and griffin & co weighed in. I agree that this is more than enough evidence.

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fair enough, although even before that there were just so many people saying something with nothing to gain from it that i just don't like giving that much benefit of the doubt to some dude that has said some weird stuff in the past anyway

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yeah, so, this is really disappointing and kind of horrifying for it to have been right under our noses this whole time, but I'm really glad that Polygon is actually taking it seriously and taking appropriate steps. That's not remotely a given, esp in the games industry

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EDIT: just seen the timestamps here sorry. leaving this post in case it's useful for people but please nobody in this thread think it's intended as an attack, it's just my summary of the situation.

Numerous trustworthy big names have put their weight and support behind the allegations, which are not being posted publicly to protect the victims and prevent internet hate machine stuff. Austin Walker and Ali Acompora in particular have emphasised this was a persistent rumour for a while which after twitter user bloody honey posted this prompted a bunch of people to start talking- all that talk has taken place within the industry with a few exceptions. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, based on people attempting to drop hints about this historically, that Nick Robinson abused a position of power in the games industry to harass women with impunity. I think the responses from close friends and colleagues like Griffin & Justin McElroy and Ben Pack speak to this.