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I haven't played it and I don't really know what it's about but there are cats in it. I think there are cute guys and girls who turn into cats. I'm like 90% sure they turn into cats.

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Haha my brother actually made the music for this game so I definitely played it on release XD.

It's really good!

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your brother is samm neiland? i used to follow him on twitter and tumblr and stuff back in like 2012. the internet can be weirdly small sometimes

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u probably already know about Christine Love's stuff right?

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yeah lol i've played and enjoyed all of her games :P

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i also own the other game in their yuri vn bundle (Black Closet), haven't actually got round to playing it yet but i've seen it recommended :)

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yes ty for gay

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I recommended some puzzle-y interactive fiction to Holly elsewhere, but figured I'd put them here too in case anyone else is interested.

Counterfeit Monkey has been described as "Portal for English". It has an amazing gimmick where you have a device that lets you remove letters from the names of object to turn them into other objects, and even has some really interesting worldbuilding around the fact that this is a thing that is possible.

Rematch is a single command long; the puzzle is figuring out the right command after a lot of trial and error and seeing what happens when you do different things.

In Spider and Web, you're a spy infiltrating an enemy's facility, with a bunch of gadgets that you have to combine in clever ways. It has a cool storytelling structure where the gameplay takes place in a series of flashbacks, as you've been captured and are being interrogated to discover just how you got as far as you did.

Violet takes place in a single room, and your goal is to avoid distractions so that you can get work done.

The Gostak distims the doshes.

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have you played hatoful boyfriend? it's kinda horror but also its a bird dating sim so idk what genre means anymore

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Yeah i really should get around to playing hatoful. Is it like scary at any point? Or have really squicky monsters or violence or anything? That's what i mean by horror.

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so, i've only read playthroughs so i'm not 100% sure how intense it gets but like there is an evil character who is creepy and maybe violent but like i guess i have no idea how meaningfully that needs to be warned about when it's coming from a bird. (albeit a bird in a position of authority, so idk. its a barely formed joke world, so i think it kinda makes its own creepiness jokeish anyways...)

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eh i'm more worried about aliens and demons and monsters and weird scary powers and stuff so that's probably fine

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yeah; besides how bad can birds really be?

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you've never encountered a goose have you

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lol, i've literally been bit by one, when i was like 3.

but seriously that was a setup for all sorts of jokes. in my mind the first one was "there's literally a movie about how birds are just terrifying."