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[–]StudentRadicalA god game in which you remove gamers[S] 2 points3 points ago

It was all just a dream???

[–]StudentRadicalA god game in which you remove gamers[S] 2 points3 points ago

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cool man

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is the twist that ostro and birdo were tyler durdening eachother the whole time?

this ending always made me feel sad as a kid because i always thought what if my whole life, my world. was just a dream. and to this day it still do's...

i'm not saying this youtube comment proves christopher nolan is a hack but i'm not not saying it.

obviously the ending was hastily added to retcon out the various continuity and political implications of toadstools siding with the shy guy revolt against the peach regime. (for real though i don't think i ever saw that ending until just now. it always bothered me a bit that after mario 2 let you play as peach or toad and had different mechanics and you could throw vegetables at birds that fired eggs from their noses, mario 3 was just like hey, it's mario 1 but the graphics are better and mario has a racoon suit now.)

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What the fuck is this shit about bird being named ostro?!

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Translation goof, names got switched with these enemies.