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typical. fandom has to do the dirty work. lazy devs

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There used to be an idea in the zelda fandom that the light force from minish cap was the fourth triforce piece

[–]toasthastePokémon Joe 3 points4 points ago

when the DS first came out I got one and then was on vacation with my family and was deciding between the minish cap (a gba game) and some shitty forgettable spiderman game that was actually for the DS. I regret my decision to this day :(

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toast haste do you own a copy of minish cap

[–]toasthastePokémon Joe 2 points3 points ago :'(

[–]Dogmantradawngate 2 points3 points ago

do you want one? i was gonna sell mine on ebay but you can have it if you want

[–]toasthastePokémon Joe 2 points3 points ago


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... and then zelda realized that the real missing triforce piece was the friends you meet along the way. The end