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Listing all of the features of WotC would be impossible

yeah, they have D&D AND Magic the Gathering! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

what exactly is long war 1? cursory google says it's an xcom mod? is it like total conversion, or map pack, or what? are xcom mods difficult to install?

I've heard very very very good things about war of the chosen, you're in good company

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its kinda like a total conversion mod for Xcom EW/EU. It makes the game a lot tactically harder and a lot longer, hence the name. 10 HP outsiders in the first UFO, insane health and damage resistance on mech units and so on. It also takes the original four classes and divides them into 8 classes based on 4 supra classes. So instead of assault, there is assault/infantry. Support becomes medic or grenadier. Heavy becomes rocketeer/gunner and sniper becomes sniper/scout.

It's awesome