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Also if you have 0 HP left but some charge it will stop you dying but fully deplete your charge without dropping any rings

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Or at least just do the thing sonic rush did and make rings fly off with progressively more force every time you get hit

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When I was a kid I would have my sister play as Tails and attack bosses that I couldn't beat while I stayed back. Part of the fun of those games was that they were less punishing than others.

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This is exactly what me and my friend did in Sonic 3 when I was a kid! I would play as Tails cause, while I liked video games, I was also kind of afraid of everything in them, so being immortal helped a ton.

We never did get past that GODDAMN BARREL in carnival nights zone

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I don't remember that barrel like at all, maybe we just didn't have Sonic 3.

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Infamous section of Sonic 3. There's a single rotating barrel in carnival night zone that's blocking a kind of vertical corridor. The solution to get past it is simple: you just jump on it and then press up and down to make it swing up and down in the air and build momentum till it goes low enough that it's no longer blocking progress then jump off.

The problem with that is that nothing else in the entire series works by you pressing up and down while on it. Everything else you ever interact with is by running on it, jumping on it or spindashing it. So there's very little reason for a player to think of interacting with an object in this way.

To make matters worse it does react to you just jumping on it. Jumping up an down on it repeatedly will allow you to build momentum to a point but it's not enough to ever actually get you past. So trying to do that gives you positive feedback that you're interacting with it in the right way even though you're not.

And on top of that pressing up and down doesn't give that much of a visual reaction. It starts off only moving it very slowly and there's no special animation for it or sonic so if you were already jumping up and down on it and started pressing up and down instead it doesn't actually give you much visual feedback that you're doing the right thing unless the barrel was already dead still before you started pressing them - which is probably isn't because you just jumped on to it.

So basically it's a completely obtuse mechanic not shared by anything else in the game that doesn't give good feedback when you do the right thing and actually gives you feedback to do the wrong thing.

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this is an example of why mario > sanic

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the dark souls of sonic

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y'know, I've always taken the rings=health system for granted, it never occurred to me how unique it is!

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IIRC think Croc used a similar system.

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Croc is like, the family member we don't talk about anymore