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[–]devtesla 1 point2 points ago

The game rules but you can actually fuck it up pretty bad lol. At the start, don't spend too much trust on processing. You just need 5 to unlock something, the rest should go into memory.

There's a couple other pratfalls but you can figure those out on your own.

[–]neku[S] 3 points4 points ago

i woke up this morning to my paperclip machine completely stopped because the price of wire rose overnight

[–]trimalchio 2 points3 points ago

what a typical gamer, thinking the only way to play a game is by killing people

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i don't know what i was expecting when i clicked on the link to this game but fuck. now i'm addicted again. stupid fucking clicker games and their stupid lovability.

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The rationalist Discord server that I hang out in has been consumed by this game, and turned into more paperclips