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our new mascot should be Blaze the Cat

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can our new mascot be wednesday frog

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I like brd but I think we could have a mascot design contest!!

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i did some of the art for thefempire (the birb beak that opens when you have a new message? that was me bb) and am totally willing to help make more mascot art

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oo thats a nice art!

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Oh cool I love the beak icon

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Fast fempire will return.


Importing the old posts + comments won't be the easiest thing to do. I might have to make a /r/archive or something that just has all the old posts in there done by an "archive" user, with some sort of note in the title denoting who the actual author and forum for the post were. This will be almost totally likely if I choose to use raddit.

I think this is a value question. Saving old stuff would be nice and nicer the more authentic it can be, but we should perhaps talk a bit about what we find valuable in it to guide the process. For me the most important part would be my own personal comment and link submission histories. In fact if I could get the latter dumped somewhere somehow it would be nice as I've been using as repository of interesting things I've read or watched on the internet. Like a CVS-file or something with dates, vote points, username, and a link one per line.

I'm gonna see if I can figure out how to get SSL (https) working.

This would be wonderful. 2-fact auth too. like make it space ageeeeee

I feel like Brd is kind of a weird mascot for us since even if we kind of started as a splinter from SRS we're not really SRS anymore? Anyone have any thoughts on this? A new site would be a good opportunity for a mascot change imo if it feels warranted.

I think that brd is pretty good mascot as it is if we don't consider the connotations. But if we do consider them, I'd say they don't really matter that much. SRS doesn't get that much attention even on Reddit anymore so I don't see any negatives pouring from that. Having a bit of history is just fun in my opinion.

EDIT: i totally think the mascot thing now overshadows everything, maybe make a new thread just for that later?

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aaaaaa u rock hoppet <3

A new mascot sounds fun as hell! Though personally I think some kind of collaborative process for deciding on what it should be/look like, instead of or in addition to a competition, would be the most fun :0

And to my layman eyes, using raddit/postmill sounds like an improvement. I'm fine with losing our archives, or having them in their own little slot like you described.

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a couple mascot ideas off the dome (assuming it's still an animal):

  • pigeon
  • praying mantis
  • crow
  • octopus

thanks 4 listening

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how about goku

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Did you just post a list of your favorite animals?

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I intentionally didn't include hyenas because I don't know if they'd make a great mascot!!!

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I think hyenas are cool enough but def not a great mascot animal unless you want to have a mischief centered site

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yea exactly, I love them a TON but I can't imagine like an icon that involves a hyena that really feels like the fempire. They all feel like a brand of gamer mice or something.

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this branding is going on smoothly! Let's just get some famous LOLers to sign for this.

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we should get a different bird mascot. birds are cool

i think spending the time/money on SSL might not be necessary considering like, we dont exchange important data here?? there's not much to actually gain from like, hacking the fempire or whatever it is that people do...

fempire 2.0. faster leaner meaner wiener

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SSL doesn't really cost money, it's off here because of a bug.

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dont you need a certificate for it?

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There are trustworthy organizations that offer ssl certs for free nowadays. Mozilla foundation is one of them.

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idk, it's working in firefox 57 for me and has worked in the past with 56.

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It's specifically a problem with the log in page, aka the page most in need of encryption lol

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ah, yeah that's a bit of a different issue

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can we have forum signatures jkmaybe

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Sorry, not going to be writing any new code but lol that would be something

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Manual sigs it is then!

98% of DMs started their first campaign in a tavern, put this in your sig if you're one of the 2% that didn't

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if you started in a Stuffer Shack you don't get to be part of the 2% >:0

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my first game I ever GMed (pathfinder) started with one of the characters entering the city and getting mugged while trying to buy some cloth, and my current shadowrun game started with the team getting a call to deliver a pizza so NYEH

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more than anything I want icons XD makes it a lot easier to keep track of people at a glance. but I ain't no programmer so oh well! ¯_(ツ)_/¯