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good luck with not dying

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Ty I'm in Tampa so won't be seeing the brunt of it. I'm not in an evacuation zone but people near me have been ordered to evacuate, Luckily my job offered 9.5 hours of free PTO (so far) for employees to prep/evacuate if necessary. For now, I made a video documenting all my property for renter's insurance, stocked up on water, yuengling (tastes about the same warm in case the power goes out), herbal supplements, vitamins, etc. I've been through what is expected to come through here (Cat 2 or 3) in this very same apartment

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this seems like good music to drive a station wagon full of tapes to

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The specific image I was going for is going down a highway with a clear sky ahead and a horrible storm in the rearview so I guess yea