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idk if i'm really getting what you're getting at; those three examples seem really disparate to me. like; i get the whole disco influenced 70s rock thing, but that second one doesn't really scream that to me. the first one is kinda into that but i feel like there's more explicit mixing of that stuff too. and the last one just seems like the post-kraftwerk space rock thing. like i feel like each of these example bands were working in different genres and that like the overlap between the first two is certainly disco but i feel like it's pretty light in there anyways so are you meaning the kinda middle of the road disco era rock?

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it makes more sense if you don't think of them as individual pieces but part of a larger mix. all the best djs of the era were playing music that didn't necessarily neatly fit into the category of "disco," but I think in the larger conversation of disco's influence on rock, there are certain trends worth pinning down and focusing on a little more closely, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to notice this particular niche.

Also, if it's worth mentioning, that Rockets project was masterminded by Tom Moulton.