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Sharing my own favourite. It's a very newbie-friendly game, able to be controlled entirely with the mouse, with helpful in-game descriptions of what all enemies and items do, and nearby items/monsters being listed on the side of the screen so that you don't have to remember what every icon/character means. It also just does everything that makes my game design sensibilities happy. Compared to most other roguelikes, Brogue doesn't have a ton of content, but it makes sure that the content that is there is interesting.

Every single monster in the game is mechanically unique (or at least has a unique combination of mechanics from a couple other monsters) in some way, rather than later monsters just being like earlier ones with better stats.

There's also a lot of cool environmental interactions. Bridges and grass can burn, trap pressure plates can be triggered by thrown items as well as being stepped on (by either you or a monster), and gas spreads and then dissipates (so throwing a potion of corrosive gas into a small room will leave the gas around much longer than if it were in a more open area).

One of my favourite things I've done was encounter a group of sleeping enemies in an alcove, which I needed to get by but couldn't safely fight. There was a corrosive gas trap near them, so what I ended up doing was throwing a dart onto it to trigger it, then using my staff of obstruction to make a temporary wall, sealing them in long enough for the gas to melt them.

There's no XP in the game (there used to be, but it was removed and it was one of the best decisions the creator ever made). Instead, your capabilities are determined entirely by your inventory. Scrolls of enchantment are found semi-regularly, and serve the role that perk/upgrade points would serve in other games.

So for instance, if you want a "warrior" build, you'll use most of them on a good weapon and suit of armor, while a "mage" would use them on staves of firebolt and lightning, and a "rogue" would use them on a ring of stealth (for sneaking around enemies rather than fighting) and staves of blinking and tunneling (for escaping/bypassing enemies that are too dangerous to get close to).

Give it a try! If you prefer tiles, you can get it with those here, but you'll be missing out on some of the prettiest ASCII graphics you'll ever see

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lol heck yea i was playign brogue rn and took a break to check fempire, i am super bad tho and rarely get to depth 10, im still working on discovering what strategies are good

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woo just got to level 12

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I feel like I tried this once years ago, but I was trying a lot of roguelikes at the time so I'm not sure. Now I def wanna check this one out after I'm tired of Vagante (which I will be posting about soonish if no one beats me to the punch)