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6. Pound range unnerfed.

7. Rollout safe on hit with no tumble animation. No wait, safe on block while we're at it. Whiff too.

8. Rest causes the opponent to lose two stocks instead of one.

9. Sing... okay IDK what to even do about that mess.

10. Fairy dust particle effects trail behind Puff.

11. Give Puff a Mega Evolution.

12. Make Mega Man not shit.

13. Wii Fit Trainer too.

14. And Zelda.

15. Helmetless Mega Man costume.

16. Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf costume.

17. Grape Kirby.

18. Any costume at all for Pac-Man that doesn't suck.

19. Remove male Wii Fit Trainer, why would anyone play him?

20. Recovery nerfs on most of the cast, blast zones closer.

21. Make stages that don't suck, and put them on For Glory instead of just FD.

22. Visible rankings on For Glory.

23. Reduced landing lag.

24. Rolls less safe.

25. Dashdancing.

26. Remove the ledge stealing mechanic.

27. Ah fuck it let's just do Melee physics, those were good.

28. Hell fire Sakurai and hire the PMBR instead.

29. Or maybe just scrap Smash 4 and release Melee HD.

30. Ice Climbers.

31. Mewtwo.

32. Inkling from Splatoon.

33. Melee Adventure Mode.

34. Board the Platforms.

35. Release the Wii U version right now.

36. Give me a New 3DS.

37. Canon Missingno. with a Mega Evolution.

38. Matchmaking for 6v6 singles on the Battle Spot.

39. Put Tingle in Hyrule Warriors.

40. Wii U port of Pokken Tournament released internationally, and released right now.

41. 2D Metroid. Without Sakamoto.

42. More Kid Icarus, with a competitive multiplayer mode that doesn't involve random loot for weapons.

43. Gritty modern reboot of Game & Watch.

44. Buy the rights to Mega Man from Capcom and make some games.

45. Translate Boktai 3, and then force Kojima to make a new game.

46. Nerf Yun. Again.

47. Kappa.

48. When's Marvel?

49. Is this teh urn?

50. Ridley is still too big.

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MAHVEL was at the end of July. The rest is okay.