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there is no way to say this without sounding like one of those people but have you ever tried meditation because i had the same problem for a long time but after i started meditating it has helped a lot with that kind of stuff to take a quote from a guide that got me to try it

"By practicing meditation we learn to interrupt this automatic mind-to-self flow. Being consciously aware of what we’re experiencing in this way is known as mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

It’s kind of clumsy-sounding word, but its meaning is simple enough. Being mindful means making a gentle effort to be in the present moment. Once there, it’s much easier to utilize our newfound skills to not be yanked around by our minds.

Without mindfulness, if someone cuts us off in traffic, our mind signals “Hey! That should make me angry!” and we immediately become angry. With mindfulness, we have the awareness to recognize that the mind is throwing negative emotions at us. We can then decide whether to act on those emotions or simply acknowledge them and let them fade away, just as we do during meditation."

i dont know anything about borderline personality disorder or splitting so i dont know if it will help though sorry <3

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Mindfulness is used in basically every psychotherapy so this is a good suggestion even if it sounds like Have You Tried Yoga

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More often than not BPD is treated with a type of psychotherapy called dialectical behavioural therapy. Therapy is most effective when conducted by a trained psychologist, but looking into this on your own could be beneficial. These links might help: even if it's a little web 1.0

Ultimately I would recommend finding a book on the subject, published by a qualified author, because getting self help from the internet is weird and bad. If you have the opportunity to see a psychologist I would absolutely 100% recommend that. In New Zealand, you don't see a psychologist without seeing a psychiatrist as well, but if it's different in the USA, seeing a psychiatrist would probably be helpful too for the purposes of getting on some Hot Brain Pills. Maybe you'll have to be referred by your family doctor? I don't know how these things work. Good luck!!

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getting self help from the internet is weird and bad


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getting self help from the internet is weird and bad

honestly aside from my therapist (who is genuinely good) talking to internet friends to get advice has generally done me better than irl doctors and reasources ever have (i have been abused by mental instituiions multiple times) so i kinda resent this implication

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I mean self help in the traditional sense, for example self help literature. We're getting out in the weeds a little, but I don't think talking to other people isn't self help. I don't think there's much difference between talking to friends online vs talking to friends face to face in terms of the content of a conversation about mental health.

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i do think therapy and meds might help, don't get me wrong, i just don't like hearing how the internet is so bad when its done me better historically

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when my friend finally got diagnosed with BPD and started therapy and trying to find the right meds, she said she was really glad that she did it and she was really glad to finally have a framework for how to work on it. I think going down the road of getting the psych and maybe even doing meds, if they help, might make it infinitely more manageable.

as far as my coping strategies, if i'm present enough to not just stew and be upset, I'll just put on a TV show that is always positive like steven universe or something like that. er, not exactly always positive, because my other show for centering myself is daria.

but yeah, tv usually is enough of a distraction for me. anything where you're able to be quiet in your own head is important for letting emotions run their course in my experience.

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splitting sucks, i find being emotionally honest before things get like Too Bad to be very helpful especially if the person/ppl/whatever yr dealing with are like understanding of yr bpd, sorry if this isn't too helpful