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also another thing about planes* is that they can only be charged and attacked in close combat by things that have the Fly keyword, but the Fly keyword has become very common in the new edition and things like dudes with jetpacks and hover tanks have it. So you can now have your hover tanks ram planes.

* planes provide so many cases where the rules look really weird if you try to apply the behaviour to "reality" in this edition simply because they're honestly just not treated differently enough to a tank or just a dude with a gun in this edition. A lot of the rules bloat that separated Infantry/Vehciles/Fliers/Skimmers/Monstrous Creatures/Heavy Vehicles/Superheavy Vehicles/Flying Monstrous Creatures/Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures is the previous edition is just gone leaving most units to just act the same way. It makes the rule book far less complicated but leads to funny situations where a high-altitude bomber and a dude with a sword act very similarly and oh god this footnote is now longer than what was meant to be the main body of the post