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I tend to much prefer serialized stuff but I really loved TNG as well. Maybe it's because they're exploring Big Ideas? I feel similarly about Rick and Morty, which is pretty episodic most of the time and clearly gets a lot of its DNA from Star Trek.

I'm wondering if it's just like, comedy and a particular type of sci-fi where episodic stuff works? Then again, it'd seem like drama would be an obvious no-go, but heavily episodic drama shows have been around and successful for years.

idk this is interesting to think about, I'd never paid it much mind before

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Crime shows work well with episodic story arcs too; Elementary or Law and Order are good examples although they do have longer storylines going on too.

i do think it kinda has to be a genre show; episodic drama kinda would imply short stories I feel like. and that's basically just a movie anyways... idk i wonder if it's possible.

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Is Black Mirror episodic drama? I mean I guess it's still sorta scifi

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it's definitely genre

like, it's sci-fi but it's definitely dramatic as well and it really shows how giving a fuck about the character in a dramatic sense is really only possible with a substantial amount of background and build up