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I think the overall idea of the show is ok, like a cyberpunk thriller with some interesting characters etc, but the writing doesnt really pull it off: the plot is too drawn out and then does quick cliche twists, and theres a ton of le serious philosophical monologues that are cringey. I didnt end up liking it, idk if you will but what I described does feel like an anime to me

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If you want a robot themed Western anime, let me recommend The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, sure hit with adults and children alike! My favorite part was the celestial song.

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It isn't an anime but i guess you could say it has anime vibes but i think that's more because anime has usually been where you find cyberpunk type thrillers.

i really like it though; the mental health related stuff is hollywood-ized. and the technical stuff is better than average. the characters are sometimes flat but i think they're kinda realizing that and trying to pull them together more... but overall it's a perfectly good series and it is very anti-capitalist in it's philosophical manifestos (which are sometimes cringey but sometimes they're good imo)

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i'm not going to sit here and tell you that mr robot is the best show out, not even among them, but, it's entertaining for what it is. It takes itself a bit too seriously a lot of the time, BUT, the kinda ambiance of it is good. It does hacking better than most hollywood stuff does.

It's really good at first but... idk. depends on what you're in to. I liked it but i can say it has big ole glaring flaws.