girls are great by hoppetin just_post

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relatable post op

question 4 u by flabberghasterin just_post

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im gay

now i'm worried that i might accidentally use capitalization by trimalchioin just_post

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what is prune juice by anandin just_post

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a warrior's drink

i've been cutting my sandwiches diagonally rather than down the center lately by hoppetin just_eate

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triangle sandwiches actually taste better

has anyone ever seen someone eat a lemon? by anandin just_post

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i do that but i always check to see if anybody's looking first

why don't people in space watch movies? by oakreefin just_post

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in star trek: enterprise the ship has a movie night

tomorrow's splatfest is cake vs ice cream and no one is choosing cake by devteslain killallgames

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nobody wants to side with Squiddy Azealea

cold pizza by hoppetin just_eate

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as long as it's boneless

shout outa to gamers for being tremendously transphobic :/ by acleverprofilenamein killallgames

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i don't watch gdq any more because this happens year in year out and i don't want to expose myself to that kind of hatred just for some fastgames

a lot of leftists are celebrating the uk election result but I'm a bit more pessimistic by Dogmantrain vote_satan

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STRONG AND STABLE LEADERSHIP (minority government propped up by the DUP)

'Runescape' Is Having a Pride Event, and Players Plan on Rioting by nekuin killallgames

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The way we see it, the Old School Runescape community is this big, inclusive community of wonderful people

I know it's not good business to shit on your player base but this is a bold faced lie. OSRS has one of the most reactionary and immature communities I've ever had the misfortune of encountering.

the British newspapers are fucking ridiculous TBH by oakreefin vote_satan

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looking forward to five years of may's creepy authoritarianism

Why does everyone I know have birthdays in June? by oakreefin just_post

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lots of folks screwing in september

🍕 Pizza purchasing and storage tips 🍕 by hoppetin just_eate

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Keep the leftover pizza in its box out of the fridge and just eat it before it gets slimy

The new discourse for May 2k17 by bushproomin just_post

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get a load of people who use the bathroom outside the comfort of their own home

donald trumpe by devteslain vote_satan

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bernie sandsverse

oh hey they finally acknowledged the whole "maybe going into the past wouldn't be so amazing if you're not a white dude" thing by oakreefin DoctorWhoCares

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i think martha might have said something in the season three shakespeare episode but i haven't watched doctor whom in forever

Rose Quartz stars as herself in: Rose Quartz and... by StudentRadicalin stevenuniverse

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It's very faithful to the source material, Amethyst is barely in it

this is exactly why Super Fash Bash was so hard sorry by oakreefin gamedev

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the dark souls of antifascism