oh no help i clicked on a link and now my ads are for restaurant quantities of tasty meat by trimalchioin just_post

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between this and all the scrap granite, you live a life that is totally unfathomable to me and yet I feel a strong kinship with you

The best page on Snopes by StudentRadical27in just_post

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same topic as the best title on wikipedia

I drew everyone’s favorite 1998 platforming game hero, Glover! by toasthastein just_drawe

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some times I do not understand what you draw but I love it anyway <3

Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting – Tony Zhou by StudentRadicalin fempire

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presumably Techmoan, Shaun and Jen, and my youtube channel which is filled with unlisted projects I did for various educational institutions

I'm streaming tonight at 6:30 EST! Probably Monaco! by [deleted]in just_post

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awww this is the first and will probably not be the last time I have to say "I can't, I have work in the morning" :c

I guess something funky happened between me loading my email and thefempire, and now my bookmark for one of my email accounts is brd by Dogmantrain just_post

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can you sign me up to dating sites and get cute boys to date me pls?

Going to look into upgrading the fempire by hoppetin meta

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my first game I ever GMed (pathfinder) started with one of the characters entering the city and getting mugged while trying to buy some cloth, and my current shadowrun game started with the team getting a call to deliver a pizza so NYEH

Going to look into upgrading the fempire by hoppetin meta

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Manual sigs it is then!

98% of DMs started their first campaign in a tavern, put this in your sig if you're one of the 2% that didn't

Going to look into upgrading the fempire by hoppetin meta

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I like brd but I think we could have a mascot design contest!!

Donald Duck's adventures with executive dysfunction by StudentRadicalin just_post

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probably finnish, they love their donald duck

woah OFFICE DRAMA post by hoppetin just_post

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next week on black mirror

here's a joke by nekuin fempire

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extremely good joke

Yall are making me want to play a dark soul by hoppetin killallgames

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dark souls 2

toot hat made me want to stream too so here's a sort of test sort of impromptu dark souls 2 stream by Dogmantrain just_post

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ok it was a mostly a test!! I played a bit of dork souls 2 and tried to get streaming to work, need to iron out sum bugs and get it to run smoother