first album is the best album. comment notable exceptions by trimalchioin just_post

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captain beefheart & his magic band - trout mask replica

Will Trump be impeached? Let’s look at this wiggling dial. by devteslain vote_satan

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throwback to when the nyt forecast for the general election included deliberate random jitter because the nyt is shit

Some very fancy typesetting in a 1578 Stephanus printing of Plato's Timaeus by captain_cornflakesin just_post

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The two larger-print columns are the original Greek and the Latin translation, and the rest is notes by Jean de Serres.

The Right to Repair Movement Is Forcing Apple to Change by devteslain technology

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i'm sure they'll keep the janky pentalobe screws on the iphone, though

how out of control millenials are killing the fax industry by oakreefin just_post

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*gnu halifax voice* still looking for a package maintainer

important vim update by oakreefin technology

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vim is still the best editor

lol at all of this by devteslain technology

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"apple designed woofer"
so it's not designed by an actual speaker company

"distortion free"

"we want to reinvent home music"
how about no

help me buy a laptop! by you_may_diein technology

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very much, my T440p is a factory refurb and is a very solid machine. my only gripe is no physical trackpad buttons, but that's a relatively easy swap from what i've heard. another thing is that you can swap in a nicer panel for yr screen in later, which is also on my to-do list.