Im ginna be honest with you for a second. by flabberghasterin just_post

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That's cool !

Im ginna be honest with you for a second. by flabberghasterin just_post

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Basically, though thats not giving them enough credit imo. A big part of their whole ethos is respecting yourself even if you're poor, and some folks dug into some old ICP songs and there's anti-racist stuff. There's not too much a nudge from that into socialism.

PSA There's a movie about a Bitcoin heist by StudentRadicalin just_post

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thank you

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! I'm calling you out by flabberghasterin just_post

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Oh no I'm finished :(

im going to play undertale on PS4 so don't try to stop me by dj_zetkinin just_post

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yea enjoy undertale rules

mmultiplier - lil beepers.mp3 by mmultiplierin just_post

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beep beep beep :3

me irl by Presidential_Afroin me_irl

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what if 1 2 switch.... but wario?

anybody enjoying anything this season? by hoppetin dontwatchanime

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Yea Ballroom fucking owns.

I'm a little bit obsessed with Mahoujin Guruguru, which is a very cute Dragon Quest parody that's incredibly funny just in and of itself. The good shit.

Princess Principal is a cute girls school spys with like steampunk magic and shit. It rules just as a bunch of mostly stand alone action episodes, but they're building some weird conspiracies if you take a close look at everything and that rules. Note the case number in the episode titles, they're releasing them out of order to fuck with us lol.

Tsundere Children is a half-length series of a bunch of romance stores that skips everything but the good parts lol. All the boys are terrible but I like the series as a whole.

An good anime season

devtesla about to have a good time by Presidential_Afroin just_post

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Noooo :(

fuck Sonic Mania totally stole an idea I was gonna do if I ever got around to making a second zone in PICO-8 Sonic (spoilers) by oakreefin sonic

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this spoiler is so good that I've decided to buy this game. I fucking love puyo

Sonic Mania leaked spoilers (and also Sonic Forces spoilers) by oakreefin sonic

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lol I love transformers

you're already loved by oolongin just_post

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