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trans* is, to me, a symbol of everything wrong with the GSM community at the moment. I'll get to why in a sec, but just know that you should use "trans", "trans woman", and "trans man". Trans men are men, and trans women are women, and putting the space there makes that clear that they are just a type of their gender (like black women or queer men).

One might find fault with "trans" because it doesn't explicitly include genderqueer and intersex people, who come up against similar issues that can be tacked together. The thing is, "trans*" doesn't either. What it does explicitly include is transvestite, a word I don't even like in the first place (does anyone really use it? I'm going to use cross-dressers for the rest of this post) and talks about something completely different than trans.

Cross-dressing has next to nothing to do with trans people. Cis people cross-dress. Cis people cross-dress in ways that are awful parodies of femininity. Trans people are constantly mistaken for cross-dressers in painful ways. Why the fuck would you invent a word that puts them in the same category?

I'm not against cross-dressing and I completely recognize the importance drag has to our history but jesus christ we're building a future here why do you need to add your little asterisk to discussions about some of the most vulnerable people on the planet?

I'm so glad that I never see people using trans* on the fempire. I would delete any post I saw that used it. I don't think most of the people using it are doing anything wrong, or at least the wrong associations they have are the problem and trans* is just a symptom, but they just saw someone use it and thought that was the cool hip LGBT word. That there are cool hip LGBT words is part of the problem.

The only cool hip LGBT word worth a damn is GSM, which if you haven't heard it means gender and/or sexual minority. It's a replacement for LGBT, and you should use it. It isn't a part of this rush to include every identity in ever expanding acronyms (sometimes they end with +!) and instead recognizes that we are a part of a bigger rethinking of gender and sexuality. And instead of putting trans rights last, we are leading off with gender minorities.

Words aren't supposed to be this perfect. It's so much better than trans* and requires much less explanation that god why the fuck are we even talking about that trash word anymore.