Steven Mewni-verse by oakreefin just_post

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When is it gonna start airing again?

I just finished The Wailing (곡성) by mustbecuriousin movies

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Does that mean you know the future or have memories of the distant past? I'm intrigued

something i learned embarrassingly late by 1vsin just_post

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It's so weird that a thing that spends half of all tine hanging in the sky can do so much damage to us if we even so much as look at it. You'd think we'd be better adapted but I can't even be outside where its visible without getting a sun burn after a while. Forget about it shining in my eyes.

Bodies suck, do better, bodies. 😠☀️

Ignore The Fempire Dot Org Today by srslyin just_post

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Im ginna be honest with you for a second. by flabberghasterin just_post

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Honestly i didn't really know much about them before oike five years ago but the more i learn the more i respect them.

Im ginna be honest with you for a second. by flabberghasterin just_post

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In a Twitter thread about it someone was posting a bunch of communist juggalo memes from some Facebook pages, i got the sense that there's a not small community of them.

text: justified or unjustified? by oakreefin just_post

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Oh wow i guess you just loooove looking at jagged right-hand edges then. smdh

People need to start calling legs "getaway sticks" again by flabberghasterin just_post

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That psot in its original form actually inspired this one lol

i am angry at rich people by 1vsin just_post

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I grew up pretty poor, they type of poor where when it rained the roof leaked badly enough that we literally had shelf mushrooms growing off the walls in the bathroom, but not like, am i going to be able to eat level poor. I still had a lot of priviledges that enabled me to spend the time required to go to college and get a degree that let me get a pretty decent paying job. I spent a good long time working retail and that kinda job trying to pay for school. Im not saying this for some like bootstraps cred, by the way. I'd never have made it through without all the help i got but i still did have to spend that time doing retail and stuff.

At this new job are a lot of people who really think theyre hot shit. Lots of people who are the kids of dentists and architects and lawyers and engineers and stuff, they grew up wealthy. Their first jobs were internships in college, and theyve never worked anything but in tech or related fields.

The shit they say just really bothers me. It's how out of touch people are. Like RE fight for fifteen... Do you really think people work minimum wage because they're lazy? Lots here think so. Too lazy to go to college and become a programmer. Well buddy you never had to worry about paying for it plus rent or having to take care of your parents or whatever. Doesn't make you some Herculean figure.

I dunno i jist don't really feel like i fit in around people who don't know what it's like to be not rich. I don't like them. It just feels icky to be around people who are just casually condescending towards people who i still feel like.

I dunno sorry for the ramble. I can kinda relate 1vs.

desk moving update by hoppetin just_post

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More like the DUNK YARD 🏀🔥🔥🔥

LMFAO valve announces a game at the international and it's a dota 2 hearthstone clone. crowd reaction is hilarious by nekuin games

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MTG? Never heard of it is that some kinda Pokémon the trading card game clone?

will there be a weed emoji in our lifetimes? by anandin just_post

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We can't even get a real fart emoji, we're stuck with 🍑💨

This is gonna be a long battle.

god i'm tired by hoppetin just_post

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wow pretty low effort post holly

I made a sub about podcasts by flabberghasterin just_post

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I'm being told I'm posting too much


/u/srsly this is a fatal bug plz fix

🚨🚨🚨 TAKE ALERT 🚨🚨🚨 by flabberghasterin just_post

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Update: the take was supposed to be hot but i hecked up

everyone please continue to tell me about your boring lives that's the content i come here for by hoppetin just_post

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Oh uhm... It's been hot lately. Been biking more