I'm still amazed this is gonna get an anime by gingirlin dontwatchanime

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Pop Team Epic

The Tale of Princess Kaguyama by StudentRadical27in just_post

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"only yesterday" is pretty great by the same director

I hate all technical discussions about video games, especially related to ports and framerates by oakreefin killallgames

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People keep saying "textures look like a PS3 game", which is a such a meaningless useless standard

"assad is far from ideal, but he is the only viable option to support." by hoovy_woopeansin vote_satan

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Maybe the US doesn't need to take a side, cause any action would lead to escalation.

Crunchyroll got Every Gundam Ever by [deleted]in dontwatchanime

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oh I misread their post as an announcment and not the video talking about gundam whoops.

How to find a job Part II by mustbecuriousin just_post

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I've been playing Persona 5 and the way you get a job is raise your Kindness stats by renting RomCom DVD's.

netflix sharing math by 1vsin just_post

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crunchyroll is $6.95/month

sorry but the germ theory of disease was wrong by oakreefin just_post

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pfft, sounds like someones humours are out of balance