Crunchyroll has the first season of The Eccentric Family again by gingirlin just_post

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Honestly The Eccentric Family is one of the anime that even if you get turned off of anime it's still worth giving a shot, it's really very good.

no aisha tyler at the ubi e3 by devteslain killallgames

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maybe that means i don't have to hear about "girlwood"

Yakuza 6 contains the entirety of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown by devteslain games

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we're getting info on yakuza 7 later today

rumor is that it's a full reboot, since 6 concluded kiryu's story

How to be Cool by toasthastein just_post

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curtain update gaiden by hoppetin just_post

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Yvan eht nioj.

NITW Die Anywhere Else Otamatone Cover by devteslain just_post

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Those aren't even drums!

Wack Dork Sues His Date for Texting During Guardians of the Galaxy by devteslain vote_satan

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There's a "the Ring" movie where a girl texts during the cursed tape so she doesn't get cursed; texting during movies is cool

I watched another cinema sins video by oakreefin killallgames

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ASKTHEFEMPIRE: What's a thing you're into that just never seems to come up on thefempire and so other fempirates might not know about you? by Dogmantrain just_post

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I know you don't read much manga but Dorohedoro is that best macho grimdark thing ever cause it's also really funny

You can listen to the new Mountain Goats ablum on NPR by gingirlin just_post

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I'm kind of getting Yoko Kanno vibes from it lol

another landmark for my TF account by hoppetin just_post

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TransFormation account

I have a copy of Capital/Das Kapital. What other socialist/communist literature should I read? by oakreefin politics

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The Conquest of Bread is pretty commonly referenced.

Triumph of Evil is a history book about US crimes during the cold war.

i wanna make a videogame about gaslighting (abuse discussion, and spoilers for the cool game i might make) by 1vsin games

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I have friends that really like Amnesia: Memories , but that might not be what you're exactly talking about