The Democrats who can’t quit Hillary Clinton by devteslain vote_satan

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Peter Daou's twitter is a trip someone posted an article with analysis on PUMAs (clinton supporters in 2008 who voted for McCain) and someone with #stillwithher in their handle just responded "bot"

Neo Yokio | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix by devteslain dontwatchanime

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I feel like this looks... bad?

just marathoned the new season of bojack horseman AMA by toasthastein just_post

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Such a great season. So many episode endings hit me hard, but the way "Ruthie" ended really killed me. Pulling the rug out from the viewers like that was ridiculous. I kept thinking during the episode "idk if I like this way of story telling it seems campy and silly and frivolous" and then Ruthie is just a figment of PCs coping skills? It ended me.

I'm glad the season ended on a somewhat positive note for Bojack. "But I've never had a brother..." is exactly what bojack needs to hear and be. MPB and Diane seem to be in a worse place though, and PC is obviously at her lowest. Things are looking up for Todd though! I liked his last scene. Showing everyone wearing his style made it seem like he finally belonged. He's finding his people and he's finding comfort in his identity.

Back from camp by hoovy_woopeansin just_post

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I only use the rocket in the scenario where at least 2 2 armor enemies are caught in the blast. I prefer using the shredder gun anyways, so I would advise starting on that proving ground project.

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I haven't been to Oxbow brewery, but I have driven through Oxbow Maine, which is a town with a population of like 65 iirc. And no I haven't been to Novare Res. I don't spend a lot of time in Portland cause it's like 2 and a half hours away from Bar Harbor.

XCom 2: War of the Chosen Review by hoovy_woopeansin killallgames

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its kinda like a total conversion mod for Xcom EW/EU. It makes the game a lot tactically harder and a lot longer, hence the name. 10 HP outsiders in the first UFO, insane health and damage resistance on mech units and so on. It also takes the original four classes and divides them into 8 classes based on 4 supra classes. So instead of assault, there is assault/infantry. Support becomes medic or grenadier. Heavy becomes rocketeer/gunner and sniper becomes sniper/scout.

It's awesome

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love Bissel Brothers, I've been there a couple times with friends.

Maine brews are great, there's a brewing company in my town called Atlantic Brewing which actually isn't that great, but whatever

Back from camp by hoovy_woopeansin just_post

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I drank some New Belgium beers. I got a variety pack from costco which had a Belgian Ale, a lighter Belgian Ale, a Lemon/Ginger beer and a Tangerine IPA (very tasty actually). I really liked them, and the tangerine IPA might be my new favorite commercial beer

Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod - Live 11/8/2008 by hoovy_woopeansin themountaingoats

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the crowd is the best backup singers

Back from camp by hoovy_woopeansin just_post

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gonna drink beer and watch mst3k for the evening

Tiny brain: Greedo shoots first by hoppetin memes

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alternative galaxy brain: responding to star wars discourse w/ the gif of lucille bluth saying "here's 10 dollars go watch a star war"

In Corolla - Get Lonely by hoovy_woopeansin themountaingoats

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Corolla is a beautiful place in the coast of NC where a marsh meets the ocean. There's a pretty cool combo of sandy beach and brackish dunelands and it's a popular vacation/tourist destination.

This song is the closer for the album Get Lonely, arguably a breakup album, but inarguably an incredibly sad album.

Alpha Omega - Live 2013 by hoovy_woopeansin themountaingoats

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John sounds extremely frantic in this song, more so than usual. I love it

Last minute decision: Corbyn to participate in tonight's debate. by hoovy_woopeansin vote_satan

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Yeah and it's so annoying that that same person wanted more debates...