dark messiah sure does crash a lot by oakreefin killallgames

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Dark crashiah

Does anyone else have troubles logging into fempire? by meowin meta

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signing in to the https version has been broken basically forever, sadly :/

here come the bois #memerenaissance by StudentRadicalin just_post

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look at this picture and tell me frog and toad aren't gay

it's time again for 1vs to make that post where they say that they wish there were better queer-friendly terms for biological-sex related things by 1vsin just_post

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amab and afab are aight too though they kinda leave out some intersex folks probably

big ol' sketchdump of stuff i been doodling for that pet project o mine by toasthastein just_drawe

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i love they way you do faces and expressions

as always the art you share is spectacular even if it's just sketches

tfw your elevator goes back down to the ground floor after hitting the sixth floor because it forgot you pressed the button for the tenth floor for some reason by hoppetin just_post

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yeah it only forgot once

sometimes the security card scanner is just a little fiddly

tfw you've been having a quiet day then get on the elevator with three other people and they start talking VERY LOUDLY with each other by hoppetin just_post

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i was too hyperstimulated by the noise to process what they were saying lol

Holly's Summer Steam Sale Guide 2017 by hoppetin killallgames

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oh i'm always on the lookout for good ones lemme know if you have any finds

Devtesla's Summer Steam Sale Guide 2017 by devteslain killallgames

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what about gone home?

Tea Jucero is also terrible by devteslain technology

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why does this keep happening lol?

nice midis by mmultiplierin kosmiche_musik

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omg i wanna make a neocities lol

BBC news turned into a youtube poop last night by oakreefin just_post

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the heat's getting to them

Still too hot by oakreefin just_post

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also not everyone can afford AC dude and most houses/apartments in the more northern parts of the world don't even have it

Still too hot by oakreefin just_post

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why the fuck do they do this

because of big guys in nice suits

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) by mmultiplierin memes

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