BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character Introduction Trailer #4 by missingnoin fighting

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Yukiko was so much fun in P4A and I'm just thinking about how amazing she'll be with assists now. Gonna build so many fire levels!

Going to look into upgrading the fempire by hoppetin meta

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can our new mascot be wednesday frog

here's a joke by nekuin fempire

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Jackie Chan Fists of Fire newbie primer by missingnoin fighting

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If you have access to the FightCade2 beta (currently open to accounts made in 2015 or earlier), this is the hot new meme game all the cool kids are playing now.

[HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE] how many sentences into this article you can get before your eyes roll into the back of your head? by razzlein vote_satan

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I looked at the URL and lost before the page even loaded.

me irl by missingnoin me_irl

I made a paint program in TIS-100 by missingnoin gamedev

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Not exactly gamedev, but it's dev in a game so close enough? TIS-100 is really cool, play it if you're a masochist who likes headaches. Hit me up if you wanna compare solution stats and I'm not already on your friends list.

This V1 is a little more readable, but it'll get stuck in an infinite JRO loop if you input 0. Working around the line limit to be able to catch that kinda made for an ugly hack.

Plaintext source if you wanna stick it in your saves folder and run it. Obviously you need to unlock the Image Console Sandbox first.

booyah by missingnoin splatoon

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new firmware update lets you record video, just hold the share button and it'll save the last 30 seconds!