lizard appreciation post by mmultiplierin just_post

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seriously though this twitter account is so good and is what made me do this post in the first place

dj post nasal drip here, are u all ready to get by mmultiplierin just_post

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oo thanks ill look into it. im sure its easy but ive never been brave enough to try this stuff for the first time

has anyone ever seen someone eat a lemon? by anandin just_post

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I think I tried to do this as a kid but I can't remember if I got far

computers by hoppetin just_post

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they create and solve all our problems

none chin with left beard i am screaming by mmultiplierin just_post

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this guys chin looks fine ofc but that beard is off and the phrase is good

wow a lot of people played the meme frog game by oakreefin gamedev

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woah holy shit, congrats!

Dmitri Shostakovich The Jazz album by mmultiplierin kosmiche_musik

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lol i hate remembering stuff like that, my paranoid thought is that mispronouncing names just means you learned them through reading and not irl or in school and so its like a status thing where ppl gotta take you down for learning outside the class/school system, anyway i took a jazz appreciation class freshman year and it owned