they found the purpose of the secret NES emulator on the Nintendo switch by devteslain games

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aw this is so good. i saw this too brief tweet connecting it to a Japanese custom

I felt a lot of things this weekend that I couldn't put into words so I made a track about it yesterday (explanation in comments) by ononononin just_post

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thanks onononon, this track is great and i liked hearing the story behind it #emotion

The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious by nekuin fempire

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someone finally said it

[08/28] oops i spent too much time on their face by mustbecuriousin just_drawe

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oo this is maybe my fav so far, i love the shading

Taking B12 Energy Vitamins May Cause Lung Cancer by StudentRadicalin fempire

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gdi whatever u do for your health it is wrong -mm

Water Found Deep Inside the Moon by mmultiplierin just_post

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letting the days go by, let the water hold me soon

letting the days go by, water flowing under moon

[08-25] The Wailing redraw. by mustbecuriousin just_drawe

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omg this is beautiful

heres a thread about homestuck you could read about why it might be good by nekuin homestuck

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thanks for this ive always wanted to get into homestuck and dont know where to start, im not ready yet to proper dive in but I'm going through Prison Break and I can def understand the appeal now

I spent 25 hours driving to see 2 minutes of total solar eclipse AMA by trimalchioin just_post

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oo excited to check some of these out

manky dream diary by mankyfaxin just_post

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lol sounds like a fun dream

I just finished The Wailing (곡성) by mustbecuriousin movies

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never heard of this movie but now i watched the trailer and think i will love it

I made a countdown timer to my surgery cause i'm a big dork and also really excited for it by hoppetin just_post

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oo thank you, this is good, ive been in the mood for soft relaxing stuff like this and awoo i love the art too

the context is a yugioh AU by oolongin just_drawe

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oo love this

oo this Japanese helmet is very cool by mmultiplierin just_post

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normally i would just post this to the irc peeps but i had already logged off deal with it (⌐■_■)

I can't believe that andy warhol is a spawn camper by oakreefin just_post

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oooh i get it 'camp'bells soup

I hung out with some horses 2day by toasthastein just_post

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oo this sounds great